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"We get calls all the time from energy brokers and you stand out from the rest. Your politeness, professionalism, and persistence have made this process a pleasant one. Thank you!"

Pastor Pam Dumont, Erie Christian Fellowship Church

Who We Are

Wick Power is a specialized independent energy brokerage based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our business is as simple as our website: we help commercial organizations in PA, OH, and TX shop across the deregulated energy market and secure the best electricity supply rates they can get!

The Problem

Most consumers pay more than they need to for their electricity!

They think they're already getting a good deal from their utility or current supplier, so they don't shop around for better options. It also takes time and effort to study energy market trends, compare options from multiple retail energy supply companies, and figure out which electricity plan best suits their needs and saves their company the most money. And of course, they don't want to run the risk of getting burned by†increasing rates or surprise charges later.

The Wick Solution

We make finding the best electricity deal for your company or organization simple, because thatís all we do!

It only costs 5 minutes of your time to find out if we could substantially reduce your energy costs simply by switching energy suppliers. Your local utility still delivers your electricity and manages any outages; switching suppliers only changes the price you pay for the electricity you already use.

Since we are paid solely through commission from energy suppliers, we work for you for free! We stay on top of the energy market and bid multiple suppliers against each other to earn your business. We are truly unbiased as to which supplier you choose; our goal is simply to secure you a plan that reduces your energy costs!

What Makes Us Different

We specialize primarily in electricity for the business/commercial community in Pennsyvlania, Ohio, and Texas. Our focused market strategy and streamlined business model means less overhead for us and lower rates for you!

We provide a personal hands-on experience to each of our clients on their schedule and make finding the best energy deals as easy as possible. We stay on top of energy market trends and fluctuations so you can focus on running your business.

Since we partner and price with multiple proven energy suppliers, our clients know we are unbiased and only driven by finding the best options to suit their specific needs. We show you a simple apples-to-apples comparison of your current electric plan vs. the best options on the market, and we explain every detail of your electricity plans so you can make a confident choice with no surprises. Our goal is to keep you a satisfied Wick Power customer!

Quick Contact

Phone: (412) 407-7345
Fax: (412) 540-3388


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