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What We Do

Our goal is to make it simple to find the best energy deals for your business or organization. We want you to leverage our knowledge and expertise to reduce your utility cost and your risk of overpaying for electricity. We don't want to pressure you into an energy plan that doesn't benefit you long-term; there's no risk and nothing to lose by letting us find out where you stand in the energy market!

The 3 step process

  1. You send us a recent copy of your company or organization's electricity bill. We won’t share or use your information in ANY way other than to pull quotes from the certified energy suppliers we work with

  2. We shop across a wide range of small and large energy suppliers to find better options to reduce your electricity costs

  3. We send you a simple apples-to-apples comparison of the best options we can find for you compared to your current electricity plan and let you choose the best course of action to suit your needs

How Wick works for you

  • We identify any ancillary charges you're paying on your current energy plan that can be consolidated into a single lower fixed rate than you have now

  • If we can find plans to save your company money (as we often do), we'll work with you to explain all of the in's and out's of your options to ensure you're equipped to make the most educated decision on your energy plan

  • If we cannot find you a better plan than you have now, we congratulate you on already being a savvy energy consumer!

  • YOU decide if your company stands to benefit and reduce its energy costs by partnering with Wick. We never try to push a potential client into any deal that doesn't benefit them long-term. We want you to be 100% confident and satisfied so we can continue to help you make smart energy choices into the future!

  • We keep you informed of the state of the energy market throughout the life of your plan. Every 6 months we'll re-analyze your plan in comparison to market trends and emerging energy products to ensure that you're still paying as little for your energy as possible

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