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Our Suppliers

How we choose our energy suppliers

When choosing which suppliers to work with (from over 500 suppliers nationally), Wick Power uses three main criteria to determine the best options for our customers: cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and reliability. We feel these three key areas offer the most comprehensive solutions for our customers while also incorporating the specific needs of each industry and customer.

Your power will still be delivered by your local utility, as they own the power lines and infrastructure that transmits electricity to your business. The only thing that changes is the source of this power; and you can rest assured that all of our suppliers are nationally certified and licensed to operate in every local and state-wide jurisdiction that Wick Power serves.

There are NO fees to switch suppliers; your new energy plan would start after your current contract ends and the suppliers and utilities manage the transition so there is no physical re-connections or effort required on your part.

Our partnered suppliers

Agera Energy

Agera Energy is a privately-held company founded in 2014 that specializes in commercial energy solutions in 16 markets and over 50 utilities.

Agera is one of the leading suppliers in renewable energy solutions with its wind-powered generation, helping wind power account for over 5% of all electricity generated in 2016. Texas led the way with 20,321 MW of wind power capacity in 2016.

Agera Energy

Entrust Energy

Entrust Energy's unique, customer-centric approach is based on the three main tenets of transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Launched in 2011, Entrust has rapidly expanded to become one of the fastest growing companies over the past two years, with BBB accreditation and recent membership in RESA, the Retail Energy Supply Association, a national network of certified retail energy suppliers.

According to president and CEO Layne Loessin "delivering an outstanding customer experience is central to our strategy and the key ingredient to our continued success." Simply put, Entrust Energy is about "people serving people, providing personalized service with the utmost respect that our customers deserve."

This customer-based approach is apparent in the simple, straight-forward, cost-effective solutions that Entrust offers, with emphasis on transparency, ease-of-use, and integrity.

Entrust Energy


Backed by their award winning Fortune 200 and S&P 500 parent company, NRG Energy, Inc., Reliant has grown to become one of the largest electricity providers in Texas. By focusing on customer-driven products and diverse solutions for businesses, Reliant has placed itself at the forefront of innovation in the electricity market by offering a broad range of energy plans and solutions, backed by their award-winning 24/7 customer service and support.

NRG Energy, Inc. owns the nation's largest and most diverse power generation portfolio which allows them to implement customizable reliable and cost-effective energy solutions for their customers, including renewable energy technologies and products.

Reliant Energy

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