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Energy Deregulation

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What is energy deregulation?

Your electricity bill has two primary factors: energy supply and energy distribution. In the not so distant past, your local utility company managed and charged for both of these factors and the charges for energy supply were always based on the current market price of electricity.

Energy deregulation introduced retail energy suppliers to the market; these suppliers could purchase electricity and natural gas in bulk on future markets directly from energy generators. While the distribution of energy to the consumer is still managed by local utility companies, deregulation allows retail energy suppliers to sell their energy to consumers on different product plans, including variable rate, fixed rate, and custom options for varying lengths of time. More importantly, this gave consumers the ability to choose their retail energy supplier and obtain lower prices for their energy supply to reduce their utility costs.

Energy deregulation is about consumer choice

Before deregulation, utility companies had a monopoly on both the production and distribution of energy. Now, retail energy suppliers compete for your business, striving to offer not only competitive prices, but also a variety of plans to give customers options to choose from. And since your local utility still handles the distribution of energy, your service is as reliable as it is today and your utility continues to manage any outages or interruptions. By shopping for better priced energy supply, you are simply reducing your costs without any negative impact on your business.

With over 500 retail energy suppliers nationwide offering a multitude of products and services, it can be overwhelming to learn the in's and out's of the energy industry and find the best plan for your business' short and long-term needs.

We utilize our industry knowledge and market focus to highlight the best choices for your company's electricity and find the lowest prices possible. We represent your interests and make energy suppliers bid against each other for YOUR business! We do the legwork for you and deliver customized, cost-saving solutions that give you the competitive advantage by reducing utility costs without sacrificing quality and service. And because we are paid via commissions by energy supply companies for bringing them your business, there is no charge to you to utilize Wick Power's services!

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